The Recasting Couch Ep. 95: Limitless


We’ve got Limitless on our docket this week. It’s sufficiently…meh. There’s a really good and fun movie in there somewhere. Bradley Cooper does his best (although he was dealing with his ailing father who passed away during filming, so he gets a pass). Robert DeNiro is miscast as the Elite-of-elite Manhattan power broker. Not that he can’t handle the acting, he just doesn’t have that vibe. He’s got a Queens or Brooklyn vibe. Now, Pacino has the Manhattan vibe. His character in The Devil’s Advocate would have been perfect here. Andrew Howard steals the show a bit with his Gennady character (don’t get me started on how bad the names are in this movie), and Abbie Cornish is perfectly capable in her role as the girlfriend Melissa. A role which could have, and probably should have, been fleshed out a bit more.  Continue reading “The Recasting Couch Ep. 95: Limitless”