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Two Man Round Table Part 6: “That Guy” Hall of Fame

that guy hof

Round three of our Roundtable series is this week’s episode and we finally talk about a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. It’s a topic that has been a staple of our conversations since our inception, and it’s just plain fun to talk about. This week, we announce our first annual The Recasting Couch “That Guy” Hall of Fame. Also known as the Harry Dean Stanton Memorial “That Guy” Hall of Fame.

Two Man Round Table Part 2: Sexual Harassment in Hollywood


Today is part 2 of the Two Man Roundtable, a series of discussions about topics within the movie industry that we wanted to explore at greater length than we would be able to on a normal show. In today’s episode we tackle the sexual harassment epidemic in Hollywood. We try to cover as much ground as possible, from its historical place in the underbelly of the industry to why there is hope for the future. We also discuss the most news-worthy reports and why all of these guys are not the same monster and why it’s important to draw that significance.