The Recasting Couch Ep. 97: Major League

Major League

Sometimes, you’ve got to stop fucking around with the curveball, and just give em the heater. Well that’s what we’ve got for you this week. Major League is the movie that we’ve recast this week. This screwball comedy about a group of outcasts striving to win the pennant with the hapless Cleveland Indians is an absolute joy to watch. The huge ensemble cast (that took us forever to get through) is led by Tom Berenger as Jake Taylor, the has-been catcher with balky knees, whose hoping his return to the majors is enough to rekindle his lost relationship with Lynn (Rene Russo). The rest of the rag-tag team is rounded out by Charlie Sheen as the bad-boy closing pitcher with a million-dollar arm, and ten cent corneas. Dennis Haysbert as the voodoo priest who can’t hit a curveball, Corben Bernsen as the prima-donna with no heart, and Wesley Snipes as a fast-talking, fast-running (and not much else) new guy. They are anchored by the incomparable Coach Lou Brown (James Gammon), and they plan on ruining the new owner’s attempt to get them to fail their way out of their stadium contract and move the team to Miami.


This is just a fun freaking movie. We were supposed to recast a different movie, but I saw this on streaming, and I knew we just had to audible and choose it. It’s a perfect spring/summer movie to get you amped up to go outside and enjoy America’s Pastime. Mike, who is not a fan of this movie, even enjoyed the rewatch and I finally think I may have turned him on it. The recasting runs a bit long because there are just so many damn characters, but we end up with a pretty decent cast.


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Role Actor Final Cast
Jake Taylor Tom Berenger Paul Newman
Ricky Vaughn Charlie Sheen Channing Tatum
Roger Dorn Corbin Bernsen Don Johnson
Rachel Phelps Margaret Whitton Bette Midler
Lou Brown James Gammon Jeff Bridges
Lynn Wels Rene Russo Julia Roberts
Willey Mays Hayes Wesley Snipes Romany Malco
Charlie Donovan Charles Cyphers Bruce McGll
Eddie Harris Chelcie Ross Daniel Stern
Pedro Cerrano Dennis Haysbert Delroy Lindo
Pepper Leach Andy Romano Robert Wuhl
Harry Doyle Bob Uecker Norm McDonald
Colorman Skip Griparis Joe Lo Truglio
Haywood Peter Vuckovich Rick Zumwalt
Suzanne Dorn Stacy Carroll Ginger Lynn

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