The Recasting Couch Ep. 95: Limitless


We’ve got Limitless on our docket this week. It’s sufficiently…meh. There’s a really good and fun movie in there somewhere. Bradley Cooper does his best (although he was dealing with his ailing father who passed away during filming, so he gets a pass). Robert DeNiro is miscast as the Elite-of-elite Manhattan power broker. Not that he can’t handle the acting, he just doesn’t have that vibe. He’s got a Queens or Brooklyn vibe. Now, Pacino has the Manhattan vibe. His character in The Devil’s Advocate would have been perfect here. Andrew Howard steals the show a bit with his Gennady character (don’t get me started on how bad the names are in this movie), and Abbie Cornish is perfectly capable in her role as the girlfriend Melissa. A role which could have, and probably should have, been fleshed out a bit more. 

There isn’t a whole lot more to say about the movie. It was just kind of there. Cool concept. Mediocre execution. With a better director, it may have been able to get there, but it really falls flat. What is kind of cool, is that the final scene filmed right outside of my office building, so I was able to see them turn a block in Philly into one in Manhattan. They changed all of the street signs, brought in NY taxis, all of the extra cars had NY plates. It was fun to watch.


Thanks for listening everyone. Our numbers are showing that you all are doing your jobs and telling friends, but it’s not over yet! We need you to keep spreading the word, and we’ll keep delivering this A+++ content (no guarantees). Mark your calendars now because we are doing our first live podcast for Philly Pod Fest on July 27th at Tattooed Mom on South Street. Admission is free, and we’re super excited for it, and we’re expecting a pretty packed house. So come out and support all of the podcasts (but mostly ours), and get some cheap drinks. Here’s a pro tip, when you are at Tattooed Mom, ask for a “Mom Chip” and if you show that chip when you order a drink, you’ll get $1 off. If you have any questions about the fest, email us at, or reach out to us on twitter @recastingpod. See ya next week!




























Role Actor Final Cast
Eddie Morra Bradley Cooper Ben Affleck
Carl Van Loon Robert De Niro Jack Nicholson
Lindy Abbie Cornish Elizabeth Banks
Gennady Andrew Howard Vinnie Jones
Melissa Anna Friel Amy Adams
Vernon Johnny Whitworth Mark Paul Gosselaar
Man in the Tan Coat Tomas Arana Gunter Meisner
Pierce Robert John Burke John Slattery
Kevin Doyle Darren Goldstein Timothy Busfield
Morris Brandt Ned Eisenberg Richard Portnow
Mrs. Atwood Patricia Kalember Kathleen Turner
Detective Brian A. Wilson Wendel Pierce

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