The Recasting Couch Ep. 93: Ronin


Ronin. Ronin, Ronin, Ronin… How we had such high expectations for rewatching this car chase/heist movie. This movie nowhere near achieves the sum of its parts. The parts are impressive. A lot of people who are great in a lot of things. Many we’ve even fawned over before, but not this time.

There is zero chemistry between anyone in this movie except for Robert DeNiro and the always fun Jean Reno. There is a forced romance angle with Bobby D and Natascha McElhone who has a quiet disconnect the entire movie. Sean Bean is okay, I guess, although he isn’t given a ton to work with. His character was really poorly conceptualized, or perhaps not developed enough to make his storyline make any sense at all. Stellan Skarsgård mails it in, Jonathan Pryce is woefully miscast as an IRA terrorist, although Michael Lonsdale chews some nice scenery as Jean Pierre, it’s just too little too late at that point.. The whole thing just didn’t work, and it’s too bad. In addition to the forced romance angle, the whole Ronin story didn’t even really apply to the movie itself, and even the car chase scenes ,that it’s known for, fell flat. So, naturally Mike and I do what we always do when faced with a movie that we really didn’t like all that much. We roast the hell out of it. Lots of laughs in this episode, so make sure you check it out.


You all are the absolute best, thank you for listening! We’ve gotten a really nice upswing in listeners and interactions on social media (@recastingpod wherever it matters), and it’s all because you are spreading the word about the show.


We also have an exciting announcement, we have just been booked for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival! Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 27th at Tattooed Mom on South Street in Philly. We’ve been dying to do a live pod, and this is going to be an epic one, so make sure you come out! It’s 100% free, and Tattooed Mom is a killer spot with reasonably priced drinks. Make sure you come see us after the show, we’d love to bullshit with you. See you then!















Role Actor Final Cast
Sam Robert DeNiro Keifer Sutherland
Vincent Jean Reno Peter Stormare
Deirdre Natascha McElhone Kate Winslet
Gregor Stellan Skarsgard Jason Isaacs
Spence Sean Bean
Christopher Eccleston
Larry Skipp Sudduth Donal Logue
Jean-Pierre Michael Lonsdale Timothy Spall
Dapper Gent Jan Triska Robert Vaughn
Seamus O’Rourke Jonathan Pryce Gabriel Byrne
Man with Newspaper Ron Perkins Michael Emerson
Mikhi Feodor Atkine Gottfried John


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