The Recasting Couch Ep. 91: The Running Man

Running Man

This week’s recast is The Running Man. To quote wikipedia, this 1987 science fiction action film, “…is very loosely based on the 1982 novel of the same title written by Stephen King and published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.” It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ben Richards, a soldier who is made the fall guy for a government sanctioned massacre. Maria Conchita Alonso does some damage in her breakout role as Amber Mendez, while the rest of this movie is packed with a whole lot of 80’s nostalgia, including Jim Brown, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Richard Dawson Richard Dawsoning all over this movie.

To be honest, we recorded this two weeks ago, and I don’t remember much about what we said, but I do remember laughing our balls off, so I guarantee this one is going to be a good time. I do remember a minimal amount of Arnold impressions, so… you’re welcome. This movie just kicks ass and is classic 80’s cheese.

As always, we love each and everyone one of you. We want to spread that love far and wide, so tell people to download the show so we can just spray all of our love all over them. Ok….that got weird there for a moment. Anyway, we’ve recently hit a huge all-time download milestone, and I honestly never would have guessed we would have ever gotten this far. Although that’s mostly because I don’t think either Mike or I thought we could go this long without grabbing each other’s throats.

We’re looking for some ideas for something special for our 100th recast, so hit us up on Twitter @recastingpod, also on instagram @recastingpod, or email us a If you really, really, REALLLLLY want to help us out, then make sure you tell friends about the show and leave us a killer rating on whatever platform you download podcasts. It helps bump us up in the suggestion lists, so more people can find the show, and satisfies our fragile, little egos when the numbers go up. I feel like I may have said too much… I’m going to mercifully end this now. Until next week.


  • Chris


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Role Actor Final Cast
Ben Richards Arnold Shcwarzenegger John Cena
Amber Mendez Maria Conchita Alonso Jada Pinkett Smith
William Laughlin Yaohet Kotto Jason O. Smith
Fireball Jim Brown OJ Simpson
Captain Freedom Jesse Ventura Mickey Rourke
Dynamo Erland van Lidth Rob Ford
Harold Weiss Marvin J. McIntyre Charles Martin Smith
Buzzsaw Gus Rethwisch Dog the bounty hunter
Subzero Professor Toru Tanaka Joe Son
Mic Mick Fleetwood David Bowie
Stevie Dweezil Zappa Corey Feldman
Daimon Killian Richard Dawson Tim Allen
Brenda Karen Leigh Hopkins Kate McGregor-Stewart
Sven Sven-Ole Thorsen Kevin Nash
Tony Kurt Fuller Bob Odenkirk
Agent Ken Lerner Fred Stoller

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