The Recasting Couch Ep. 90: GPCC Marvel’s End Game Panel

Great Philly Comic Con_2

This week, it’s MARVEL, MARVEL, MARVEL! (now go back and read that in a Jan Brady voice)

Time Stamps:

Intro : 00:00:00

Avengers End Game Discussion: 00:07:52

GPCC Marvel Panel: 01:12:26


We gave you all a week, but we are spoiling the shit out of #avengersendgame, starting now. (I mean it, like right now. I’m spoiling stuff in the rest of this post). We’re doing a deep dive; reactions, revelations, libations, it’s a blast. After the Endgame talk we have a recording of the Marvel Panel at the Philly Comic Con where Mike discussed the most recent Marvel movies and previews End Game with @realawesomepod,  @tellest and @BlacklistedPod

The vision that they’ve had and have been able to execute over the last 11 years is a monumental feat that basically begins and… now ends with Robert Downey Jr. They did a good job setting up the future (although, there are some really vulnerable points that they can fuck up and ruin it). I don’t really know how else they could have done it, yet at the same time, I would never think to end it that way. That may be the ultimate compliment, to be honest.


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