The Recasting Couch Ep. 89: GPCC Movie Fixers Panel

Great Philly Comic Con

Welcome back to the Recasting Couch everyone! We want to apologize for skipping last week, but I had an emergency work trip and Mike had 30 people coming over for Easter weekend, so unfortunately real life once again rears its ugly head.

This week we have the audio from the Movie Fixers panel Mike was on at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con. It was the very first panel as soon as the doors opened, so it was sparsely attended, but the conversations were fun and funny. First, we want to thank Kevin Gallagher (@thatnerdykev) from the @realawesomepod, who I met at the Philly Podcast Festival (stay tuned for possible news about that…) a couple years ago and invited us on the panel. Mike was also joined by Michael DeAngelo, author of the @tellest book series.

However, before the panel we discuss some recent movie news, but we avoid any Avengers: Endgame spoilers, but only because we are going to spoil the shit out of it next week. You have 7 days to see the movie before we do a deep, deep dive. We talk about the lukewarm Godzilla and Gemini Man trailers before Avengers.


At the time we were recording, John Singleton had only had a stroke and was still in the hospital. As of this post, he has since passed. We wanted to talk about his work and how influential he was on our generation specifically (plus I stand for Baby Boy). He single handedly spoke for a hugely underrepresented minority in a pivotal moment in our country’s history.


RIP to a legend.


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