The Recasting Couch Ep. 85: Snake Eyes


This must be your lucky day, because you’ve just rolled Snake Eyes.

Believe it or not, this is better than the actual dialogue in the 1998 pulp, noir, cheesefest that is one of the Cage-iest of Nicolas Cage movies that there is. Brian De Palma directed and wrote the film, although it would have benefited from maybe another 17 writers being brought in. But for how flimsy the script was, the direction was actually pretty good, and ultimately this was a very enjoyable rewatch.

It’s famous for its long intricate tracking shots, the first of which is known as one of the best in film history (even if the rest of the movie doesn’t hold up to the lofty expectations the opening sets). The problem is the imagery is not exactly subtle. White is for the Angel, Red is for the Devil, literal blood money, etc. Not to mention, there’s a long closing scene that ended up on the cutting room floor, but was still referenced several times throughout the movie.


The acting is pretty good here. Gary Sinise has a nice speech at the end. Carla Gugino does a good job riding the line between determined whistleblower and damsel in distress. Kevin Dunn, Mike Starr, Michael Rispoli, and a TRC favorite Luis Guzman put in top notch That Guy performances, which help really pull this movie together. The flaws are glaring, but if you can get by them, this movie is just fun.


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Role Actor Final Cast
Rick Santoro Nicolas Cage Al Pacino
Comm. Kevin Dunne Gary Sinise Benicio Del Toro
Julia Costello Carla Gugino Scarlett Johansson
Lincoln Tyler Stan Shaw Ving Rhames
Lou Logan Kevin Dunn Kevin Pollak
Gilbert Powell John Heard Michael Douglas
Jimmy George Michael Rispoli Robert Pastorelli
Cyrus Luis Guzman Renoly Santiago
Walt McGhan Mike Starr Lee Tergenson
Serena Jayne Heitmeyer Malinda Clarke
Zeitz Chip Chuipka Josh Halloway

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