The Recasting Couch Ep. 82: American Pie

American Pie

This week is a movie that was an instant classic the moment it hit theaters. Although, you probably just remember it as the pie-fucking movie. If that doesn’t narrow it down enough for you…then what kind of media are you regularly consuming? The movie I’m talking about is, of course, American Pie. I do want to apologize for the sound quality. I was having some broadband issues over the weekend, and after numerous false-starts, we were lucky to even be able to record. But I’m glad we did, because talking about this movie was a lot of fun. As a junior in high school when this movie came out, it hit me in a way that was all too real at that time. Watching it again all these years later, it immediately put me in a time machine and took me back to 1999. This might be the biggest nostalgia bomb for me of all of the movies we’ve recast. Mike’s had a few, but this one is a little later and was absolutely EVERYWHERE when I was a senior, and everyone had their eye on prom.

The story of American Pie centers around four high school seniors and their quest to turn from Boyz II Men. Casting Director Joseph Middleton absolutely knocked this out of the park. He took a chance on casting a complete unknown as the lead (Jason Biggs, who may have given his best screen performance in his debut), reintroduced us to someone we haven’t seen in a while (Thomas Ian Nicholas), discovered a multiple diamonds in the rough (Eddie Kaye Thomas, Natasha Lyonne, Seann William Scott, and Alyson Hannigan), and provided us with endless fodder with one of the worst actors on the planet (Chris Klein). He also brought in a couple of comedy veterans to bring it all together in Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge. Also Tara Reid is in the movie.


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That’s it for this week, so remember, if you are going to fuck a pie, definitely make sure it cools off first.


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Role Actor Final Cast
Jim Levenstein Jason Biggs Jason Bateman
Michelle Flaherty Alyson Hannigan Felicia Day
Jim’s Dad Eugene Levy Jason Sudeikis
Kevin Meyers Thomas Ian Nicholas Ralph Macchio
Vicky Tara Reid Drew Barrymore
Finch Eddie Kaye Thomas Neil Patrick Harris
Stifler’s Mom Jennifer Coolidge Lisa Kudrow
Oz Chris Klein Will Friedle
Heather Mena Suvari Mandy Moore
Stifler Seann Willian Scott Anthony Jeselnik
Nadia Shannon Elizabeth Natasha Henstridge
Jessica Natasha Lyonne Janeane Garofalo
Chuck Sherman Chris Owen Zack Ward
John John Cho Dante Bosco
Tom Meyers Casey Affleck Kyle Damon