The Recasting Couch Ep. 81: Chasing Amy (Feat. Comedian Jeff Leach)

Chasing Amy_Twitter

This week we chase Amy.

However, we weren’t comfortable breaking the seal on the Kevin Smith cannon alone, so we invited fellow View Askewniverse junkie, @jeffleach to help us out. And goddamnit if we weren’t happy we did.

I’m going to drop a *SPOILER ALERT* right here…

…because this movie was pretty terrible. I am absolutely shocked that this was a unanimous decision. Mike has been suggesting this movie forever, and I was certain that he was going to cape for it, but that does not happen. When Jeff and I first started talking about him coming on the pod, he was excited because he hadn’t seen the movie before and he was looking forward to it. His faith was misplaced.

That’s not to say that there is nothing redeemable about this movie. Jason Lee was his scene-stealing self. Joey Lauren Adams plays the Manic Pixie (Lesbian) Dream Girl well, although we aren’t exactly in agreement as to how well. Ben Affleck provides more douche chills than Vanilla Ice.

Random Question: How do you make a Clerks 2, a Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2, almost make a Mallrats series, but don’t have a single plan for a Hooper X follow up? What does Kevin Smith have against this fine Nubian brother? Do you think that people give a fuck that Dante Hicks is now working at a fast food place instead of a 7-11?

Sorry, I get a little worked up sometimes.

We go completely off the rails in the best possible way this episode. Hit us up on twitter @recastingpod to talk about just how great this episode was. Email us at with any movies you want us to recast, or if you have any feedback. Last, but certainly not least, leave us a 5-star rating on iTunes or whatever platform you use to consume pods, because it helps people discover our show. That way we can get so popular that you can actually be like “I totally liked them before it was cool”, and we’ll have documentation to confirm that.


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