The Recasting Couch Ep. 80: Goldeneye


Ba da, DA DA! If you know that sound, then you know what movie we are recasting this week. On this episode, we discuss all things Bond. We debate what makes a good Bond and whether or not Pierce Brosnan effectively carries the torch. GoldenEye has some ups and downs. It suffers from a really mediocre script. Had that been better, I think that more could have been done with Famke Janssen and Sean Bean’s performances. Alan Cumming also does a lot with a little in his hacker nerd role.

They were all willing to throw everything into these roles, and they were given less than nothing to work with. I also think that’s what dooms Pierce throughout his entire Bond experience. Give him just one decent script and let him work. GoldenEye was clearly the best story of the Brosnan Bond movies, but the dialogue was still awful. Thankfully we have the introduction of Dame Judi Dench as M for the first time, and the Daniel Craig Bond movies wisely continued to use her for the same role.


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Role Actor Final Cast
James Bond Pierce Brosnan Clive Owen
Alec Trevelyan Sean Bean James Purefoy
Natalya Simonova Izabella Scorupco Alison Brie
Xenia Onatopp Famke Janssen Jamie Murry
Arkady Grigorovich Ourumov Gottfried John Pasha D Lychnikoff
Jack Wade Joe Don Baker JK Simmons
M Judi Dench Maggie Smith
Valentin Zukovsky Robbie Coltrane Oliver Platt
Dimitri Mishkin Tcheky Karyo Sacha Baron Cohen
Q Desmond Llewelyn Denholm Elliot
Boris Grishenko Alan Cumming John Hannah
MoneyPenny Samantha Bond Emily Mortimer

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