Two Man Round Table Part 6: “That Guy” Hall of Fame

that guy hof

Round three of our Roundtable series is this week’s episode and we finally talk about a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. It’s a topic that has been a staple of our conversations since our inception, and it’s just plain fun to talk about. This week, we announce our first annual The Recasting Couch “That Guy” Hall of Fame. Also known as the Harry Dean Stanton Memorial “That Guy” Hall of Fame.

During this week’s episode, we are finally confronted with having to define the term “That Guy”. We talk about some of our all-time favorite That Guys, and we come up with a final list of our inaugural class of the TRCTGHoF. If there were ever a time to bust out the IMDB for an episode, this is the one, because even we couldn’t survive the episode without it. Occasionally, I feel sometimes we get too deep into our own little world and we are only talking to ourselves. Well, this episode is the embodiment of that.


Of course, the list is incomplete. That’s where you all come in. But you can’t just nominate “that guy from that thing”. You better bring the heat. We don’t mess around when it comes to That Guys. We celebrate character actors on this show, and you better give them the proper respect. Hit us up on Twitter @recastingpod and send us some of your picks for the second class of inductees. We’re trying to get a grass roots campaign to have Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) help us recast Chasing Amy, so bug him if you have a free moment. We’re also fielding requests for movies to recast over the next few months, so either slide into our DM’s or email us at Also, drop us a positive rating on iTunes or the podcast app of your choice. Thanks for listening, we love you all, and want to make out with you.

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