Two Man Round Table Part 5: Movies that Couldn’t be Made Today

movies you can't make_2

Welcome back to the second installment of The Recasting Couch Roundtable series. Last year, we tackled all of the reboots and remakes and how Hollywood is running out of ideas. This week, we talk about the classic movies that could never be made today. We go on a little bit of a tear to start this one off, but once we settle in we have some fun discussing some of our absolute favorites and how they couldn’t get remade today without drastically changing it. Which is probably a good thing. Many of these movies are perfect as they are and are still incredibly rewatchable to this day.

Some of the reasons for not being able to make these movies are good, and we’re happy to see society progressing, but others might be more of an example of regression. Some of the reasons just have to do with the state of the industry and how certain types of movies don’t get made anymore. At least not theatrically, Netflix may be keeping the mid-budget comedy alive for now.

Hopefully you’re enjoying these roundtable episodes as much as we are. If so, send us some feedback at We’re thinking about sprinkling some of these episodes throughout the year because there were so many topics we want to take on, and we don’t want to have to wait another 11 months to cover them. Let us know if you want more of them by going on twitter and finding us @recastingpod. Also, please leave us a rating on iTunes, or wherever you consume your casts. That helps bump us up the recommendation list and helps other people discover the show. We’re also putting together our movie list for next month, so if you have any favorites that you want us to recast, let us know!

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