Two Man Round Table Part 4: Best Picture 1995

academy awards

We’re back with another installment of The Recasting Couch Two Man Roundtable series! We’ve got some fun topics planned for this year. This week is breaking down the Best Picture race at the 1995 Oscars. It came down to Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Quiz Show, and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Forrest Gump was the victor that night, and we break each of the movies down and talk about the acting, directing, writing, casting, and music to try to determine if the correct call was made by the academy. Not an easy call with three bonafide all-time movies, and one that might be in the conversation if it had a little more staying power.

Before we get to that we talk generally about the movies of 1994 (remember, these movies came out in ‘94 in order to be eligible for the ‘95 awards). We go down the massive, massive list of movies that came out that year, and talk about a few notable ones. At some point I think I counted 38 films from that year that I’ve seen. It’s a murderer’s row. Check this list out if you don’t believe me. After perusing the list, Mike and I each make a selection to add to the Best Picture race to replace the sorest of thumbs sticking out on the nominee list to see if we can maybe make an argument for winning it all. It’s during this time where Mike drops a pretty scorching hot take about a movie that is universally loved. This is one episode you don’t want to miss!

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