The Recasting Couch Ep. 75: Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest

So I’m supposed to write a blog about our latest episode where we recast Galaxy Quest. But that’s incredibly hard when I’ve got Chappelle’s Show playing in the background. I could write about Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver anchoring this meta sci fi classic, but I’m too busy learning about the time Eddie Murphy’s older brother kicked Rick James in the chest. Something, something, Enrico Colantoni absolutely owns this role and you can see the rest of the alien actors following his lead. Whatever, I’m catching up on Wayne Brady doing his best Alonzo Harris impression. Anyone who has been listening lately will appreciate us picking a Sam Rockwell movie where he’s almost inconsequential, even though we try to cast him in everything. Although, there are some people whose lives are irrevocably changed by playing a tiny part in an insanely popular cult sci-fi classic. But don’t take our word for it.

Justin Long and Rainn Wilson make their cinematic debuts, which kind of feels right. What also feels right is the late, great Alan Rickman being a little too convincing as a classically trained actor who resents the fact that they never got the big drama part they were looking for, and ended up in sci fi, repeating your nauseating catch phrase every day. This movie kicks ass and we try to do it some justice in the recast.
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Role Actor Final Cast
Jason Nesmith Tim Allen David Hasslehoff
Gwen DeMarco Sigourney Weaver Jamie Lee Curtis
Alexander Dane Alan Rickman Eric Idle
Fred Kwan Tony Shalhoub Sacha Baron Cohen
Guy Fleegman Sam Rockwell Bill Paxton
Tommy Webber Daryl Mitchell Kat Williams
Mathesar Enrico Colantoni Stephen Tobolowsky
Teb Jed Rees French Stewart
Quellek Patrick Breen Lee Evans
Lailiari Missi Pyle Riki Lindhome
Brandon Justin Long Patrick Dempsey
Sarris Robin Sachs David Brockie

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