The Recasting Couch Ep. 72: Ghostbusters Feat. Jennifer Runyon


Oh, man. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes we’ve done so far. Not only are we casting the 1984 blockbuster cult classic* Ghostbusters, we also have a very special guest joining us, Jennifer Runyon (@runyon2runyon)! We’ve been trying to get her on for a while, and now that we’ve finally been able to make it happen, it couldn’t have been any more fun. She tells us some amazing stories about the filming of the scene that made her career, and a secret about that scene that she found out a few decades later.

Do I even need to tell people about Ghostbusters? For those who grew up under a rock (or in a fallout shelter), this movie stars Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis, with some fantastic character work by Rick Moranis and Annie Potts. Just listen. It’s good. Really good. Although somehow I get away with telling Jennifer Runyon that I’m not a big fan of the movie (and frankly, I connected more with the cartoon and the video game than I ever did with the movie). This is an instant classic.

We’ve still got one or two episodes of our Roundtable series up for grabs, so if you have any topics you want us to research and blab about, then email us at You can of course yell at us on twitter @recastingpod, or if you aren’t the yelling type, give us some of your picks, or opinions on ours. We are great at accepting constructive criticism. However, if the criticism isn’t constructive, then we will conduct a voodoo ritual and send your soul into the body of a children’s doll. Wait, I’ve got my movies mixed up. Um..thanks for listening.

  • Chris

*I just made this up, but it’s actually a perfect description of this movie


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Role Actor Final Cast
Dr. Peter Venkman Bill Murray Vince Vaughn
Dr. Ray Stantz Dan Aykroyd Jason Segel
Dana Barrett Sigourney Weaver Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Dr. Egon Spengler Harold Ramis Gene WIlder
Winston Zeddmore Ernie Hudson Craig Robinson
Louis Tully Rick Moranis David Spade
Janine Melnitz Annie Potts Megan Mullally
Walter Peck William Atherton Kelsey Grammer
Mayor David Margulies John Laroquette
Male Student Steven Tash Robert Carradine
Female Student Jennifer Runyon Julianne Hough
Gozer Slavitza Jovan David Bowie

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