The Recasting Couch Ep. 64: Sneakers


We’ve got another heist movie on tap this week with the 1992 surprise success, Sneakers. Honestly, I can’t really understand how this made as much money as it did. Robert Redford was significantly passed his prime and coasting off of his innate charisma, Dan Aykroyd provides zero comic relief, River Phoenix is a a weird spastic guy that is unlike pretty much any role he’s ever played, and Sidney Poitier is a smooth muthafucker as usual. Oh, and Mary McDonnell is her usual charming self.

Now, Mike may disagree, but to me this movie seemed like a waste of time for pretty much everyone involved. Ben Kingsley tries to make things interesting, but he’s given absolutely nothing to work with. David Strathairn plays a blind man that is borderline cringe inducing and Donal Logue is milquetoast for the first, and maybe only time in his career. In my notes, I called this movie a “paint by numbers heist movie, and I feel like I’m watching it dry.” After some time to sit down and reflect on that, I have not changed my mind one bit. In fact, I feel galvanized.

On the plus side, the music in this movie is awesome, including the Bob Dylan classic Rainy Day Women, Miles Davis Flamenco Sketches, Stan Getz’s Girl From Impanema, Aretha Franklin’s Chain of Fools. Somehow this unbelievable soundtrack ends up being way less effective than it should be given the absolute bomb ass songs on it.

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