The Recasting Couch Ep. 62: Kingpin


This week we make our triumphant return from the abyss with the 1996 Farrelly Brothers classic, Kingpin. I just…I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel about this movie. I think that the Farrelly Bros hadn’t quite figured out their unique formula of raunchy, weird, and charming that they were able to perfect with There’s Something About Mary; Me, Myself, and Irene; and Stuck On You, which is ridiculously underrated.

Woody Harrelson and a pre-breakdown Randy Quaid make an unlikely pair in this road trip movie that’s never considered a road trip movie. Vanessa Angell is charming and very much lives up to the “TV version of Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science” legacy that it seems she was destined for.  And Bill Murray is fun to hate in his role as Big Ern.

It probably comes at no surprise that we have some trouble recasting this movie, because the characters are so well defined. Rick Montgomery really crushed this one. If I could pick 1000 picks for Roy and 1000 picks for Ishmael, I would have never come up with the combination of Woody and Randy, but somehow it works.

Thanks for the DL. everyone. If you’ve got opinions, we want to hear them. Whether it’s your picks, movies you want us to recast, telling Mike how he’s the worst…whatever. Reach out and touch us (figuratively) on twitter @recastingpod, or email us at
*Stuck on You Rant: Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear are amazing as conjoined twins. Not to mention. I’ve fallen in love with Eva Mendes every single time I’ve watched it. Even the extra features are incredible. You’ve got Kinnear’s “Smuckers Guy” impression, and Matt Damon’s really bad, but hilarious Mike Tyson voice.. Cher is surprisingly charming, while also being a total bitch (her words, not mine), pretty much the entire time.


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