The Recasting Couch Ep. 59: Real Genius

Real Genius

Tune in this week to listen to us recast Real Genius. We’re joined by special guests, jbats and Mykhal from the What If Podcast (@Podcast_WhatIf). It’s our first time with four people on the show, so it runs a little long, but we have a lot of fun chatting with them and discussing one of Val Kimer’s first roles before breaking out in Top Gun. This is a classic 80’s slapstick comedy, with some actual real science thrown in the mix. Most of the pranks described and/or replicated in the movie were actual pranks played by guys at MIT, Yale, CalTech, etc. The What If guys also tell us about their interview with Jon Gries who once was a guest on their show, and what he had to say about the production of the movie.

The acting in this movie is spotty at best, but there’s something about how the actors come together (and Kilmer’s absolutely electric screen presence), that makes this movie more than the sum of its parts. Outside of Val and Gries, we’ve got a couple classic That Guys in Will Atherton and Ed Lauter, but that’s about it. Pretty much everyone else vanished off of the face of the earth.

Sorry for the technical problems we’ve been having lately. We’ve upgraded some of our equipment and computers, so we should be good to go from here on out. Everything that could go wrong, did, but we’re back on track.

Thanks for sticking with us. If you want to discuss some of our picks, or give us some of your own, hit us up on twitter (@recastingpod), facebook ( or email us at We’d also love to hear some suggestions of movies you’d like us to recast, so give us those too!

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