The Recasting Couch Ep. 56: Con Air

Con Air

I’m sorry, did the universe think that we weren’t going to put out a podcast this week? From car accidents, to work emergencies, to Mike’s laptop getting fried and me having to learn how to edit a 3 hour shitshow into the hilarious, beautiful, tight 2:15 that this episode I have bestowed upon you all. We were NOT going to let anything get in the way of delivering the entertainment that we have promised you.

This week’s episode is Con Air. The Nicolas Cage classic that may or may not have aged particularly well, depending on who you ask. Cage plays Cameron Poe, a newly released felon who is just hitchin’ a ride on a plane with the most dangerous group of murderers and rapists in the country. I guess my question is, did he HAVE to take that ride? If he was released, then wouldn’t you think they would at least give him the option of taking a normal plane home? This is a take that I really, really wish I thought of during the show. I spent 20 hours on this episode between pre and post production, and I have my best idea now. Faaaaaannnnntastic.

Poe flanked by an always enjoyable Mykelti Williamson. John Malkovich overacts his beanbag off. Our favorite MC makes an appearance. We’ve got a young Dave Chappelle doing his character actor thing. Cusack is fun. Phantom Phreak, Mr. Pink, Machete, Marcellus Wallace, Chief O’Brien, and the lovely Melina*. What’s not to like, Mike?

Oh wait…the story, dialogue, and a particularly bad Southern accent. That’s right.

I still think it’s great.

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*Check out our Total Recall, Reservoir Dogs, Hackers, and Pulp Fiction episodes


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