The Recasting Couch Ep. 55: Phenomenon


This week, we talk for entirely too long about Phenomenon. John Travolta plays a Joe Sixpack who gets hit by a ball of light only to get super smart and somehow learns how to bend the laws of physics. It’s like The Matrix if Neo were a corn farmer, and the matrix was actually a massive brain tumor.

What’s interesting about this movie is that it’s so dependent on just a few roles that even though the script was really strong, the casting absolutely made this movie. I mean, Travolta and Forest Whitaker as best friends doesn’t exactly seem all that great on paper, but it all came together. I would say Robert Duvall’s casting was probably the easiest, because he’s the ultimate ride-or-die-pal and he could play the small town doctor to a tee (and does). I’m not even a Kyra Sedgwick fan, but she’s charming as hell here.This movie is packed with That Guy’s, from the Area 51 scientist in Independence Day to Roger Podacter from Ace Ventura.

We did a quick cast, so this is our impressions of the movie literally a cheesesteak after we watched the movie. That either results in a nice, tight episode, or we ramble for 3 hours. Guess which one this is.

As always, thanks for listening, everyone! We’ve officially passed our first year, and we are only getting started. We’ve been working on the next phase of the pod, and we’ve got some great ideas. If you have any suggestions for future pods, hit us up on twitter @recastingpod. I would say go to our Facebook page at, but facebook sucks. Go to twitter. Any really, really good suggestions, keep on the down low and email us at


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