The Recasting Couch Ep. 54: The Crow

The Crow.jpg

The Crow is the 1994 neo-noir fantasy film based off of the 1989 comic book series by James O’Barr. Contrary to popular belief, The Crow is not played by Brandon Lee, who tragically died during the filming of the movie. The Crow is played by an actual crow, well…not any actual crows. Only ravens were used in the movie. The idea is that the crow is supernatural. Brandon Lee plays Eric Draven, an innocent young man who is brought back to life by the mysterious Crow one year after him and his wife are brutally murdered. From there it’s a full-on revenge story.

The pod however, is anything but. Mike and I disagree about pretty much everything in this movie. Particularly whether or not Ernie Hudson is any good in it. We both absolutely love Ernie, but this is not a good performance. It’s about as flat and lackluster as possible, and he’s given some pretty decent dialogue to work with. I think Mike’s got the nostalgia goggles on a little too tight on this one. This movie features a lot of solid That Guy performances from some of our favorites like David Patrick Kelly, Laurence Mason, and Jon Polito. This pod is worth the price of admission alone to hear all of the stories behind the scenes of the production of this movie. It’s absolutely bonkers.

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Role Actor Final Cast
Eric Draven Brandon Lee Keanu Reeves
Sarah Rochelle Davis Maia Brewton
Sgt Albrecht Ernie Hudson Charles S. Dutton
Top Dollar Michael Wincott Gary Oldman
T-Bird David Patrick Kelly Billy Drago
Myca Bai Ling Elodie Yung
Darla Anna Levine Courtney Love
Shelly Sofia Shinas Claire Forlani
Skank Angel David Frank Collison
Tin Tin Laurence Mason Michael K. Willams
Funboy Michael Massee Scott William Winters
Gideon John Polito Danny Devito
Grange  Tony Todd Idris Elba

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