The Recasting Couch Ep. 50: The Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

*Please note that we spoil pretty much every M. Night Shyamalan film* Oh, boy. We’ve got a deep, dark brooding movie this week in The Sixth Sense. This was M. Night Shyamalan’s first feature film, and damn did he hit a home run on the first pitch. Haley Joel Osment absolutely carries this movie, and for as good of a job as Night does, if they couldn’t find a child as good as him, then this movie would have been doomed from the start. Outside of Toni Collette, he acts everyone else off the screen, and it earned him an academy award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

On the pod, we pretty much fellate this movie every chance we get, and we refuse to apologize for it. The movie is amazing, Night catches way more shit than he deserves, and crafts about as perfect a film as you can make (unless you ask the opinion of Rotten Tomatoes critics, which you probably shouldn’t).

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Final cast:

Role Actor Final Cast
Dr. Malcolm Crowe Bruce Willis Robin Williams
Cole Sear Haley Joel Osmant Freddie Highmore
Lynn Sear Toni Collette Emma Thompsom
Ann Crowe Olivia Williams Juliette Binoche
Vincent Grey Donnie Whalberg Michael Reid MacKay
Sean Glenn Fitzgerald Justin Bartha
Dr. Hill M. Night Shyamalan Ron Howard
Tommy Tammisimo Trevor Morgan Corey Feldman
Stanley Cunningham Bruce Norris Frank Whaley

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