The Recasting Couch Ep. 49: Hackers


The deliciously 90’s classic Hackers is on tap for this week’s episode. We’re talking rollerblades, techno, dial-up modems, and 30 year olds playing teenagers. This movie has it all. It was the major feature debut of Jonny Lee Miller (Dade Murphy / Zero Cool / Crash Override), Angelina Jolie (Kate / Acid Burn), and Matthew Lillard (Cereal Killer). Seeing as these are all of the starring roles, we have one question; WHERE THE FUCK DID THE $20 MILLION BUDGET GO TO? We think it’s got to be the “cool hacker CGI” effects, but I’m pretty sure there’s somebody walking around with at least 5 mil in their pocket. Although…on reflection, I bet one of the producers realized this was going to be a flop really early on and started siphoning money off to recoup what they were absolutely going to lose (and did).

Given all of this, I totally loved this movie. The ensemble really comes through to help support the novice principals, Laurence Mason as Lord Nikon and Renoly Santiago as Phantom Phreak really steal the show. Fisher Stevens plays a perfectly hateable 90’s bad guy, and Lorraine Bracco does a fine job as his clueless accomplice. The movie itself doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. The parts that weren’t stolen from Superman 3 / Office Space, were carried by the sexual tension between Crash and Burn. Mike…was not exactly into this movie, and if you know him at all, he goes into at length.

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