The Recasting Couch Ep. 46: Se7en


ThIS wEEK wE uNrAVEL sev7en, THE David Fincher classic. Starring Brad Pitt, in his first non-boy-toy-hey-this-guy-can-kinda-act role. Now, I’m curious if Morgan Freeman knew whether or not Pitt actually had the chops before accepting this role. Maybe it didn’t matter. What’s interesting about the Mills/Somerset relationship is that they didn’t have to be friends. They didn’t have to understand each other. They just had to cover their partner, which both of them did to the best of their ability

We also make sure to address the Kevin Spacey thing. Honestly, it’s my fault because Mike warned me about it, and I was like, “Spacey is barely in it.’. Turns out, he’s kind of important in this movie. That’s my bad. We want to minimize the exposure of these creeps as much as possible and I miscalculated. Fuck Spacey, fuck Weinstein, fuck all of these guys that have abused their positions of power. Their reckoning is nigh.

Switching gears, Se7en is a movie that just fucking delivers. From the story, to the acting, to the direction, everything fell into place for this and it shows. Taking all of these things into consideration, I would say that we do a damn good job of recasting it. I will never say we improved the cast, but we call an audible or two, we argue extensively, and this turns out to be a pretty classic episode of TRC.

Thanks for listening, everyone! Keep the conversation going on twitter (@recastingpod), we’ve been having some fun on there, plus we’ve are now announcing next week’s movie early, so you can watch it before the episode drops. Find us on facebook (, or email us at


Spoiler Alert: Next week we’ll be recasting Face/Off. The 1997…movie…that defies any categorization. Action? Thriller? Romantic Comedy? Facial Reconstruction Documentary?
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