The Recasting Couch Ep. 32: Batman Forever


Oh boy. Batman Forever.

In retrospect, that’s a kinda hilarious name, seeing as they immediately replaced every single role for the sequel except Alfred (natch…) and Robin (Mike’s favorite 90’s heartthrob, Chris O’Donnell), and was almost instantly forgotten within the cultural zeitgeist. If it weren’t for it’s fantastic soundtrack, it may be on the same level as Batman and Robin, instead of accepted as slightly better.

This 1995 blockbuster-ish, was the first modern Batman movie not directed by Tim Burton and…it shows. While I personally appreciate the more comic-book style, and as far as adherence to the source material goes, is one of the more accurate representations of the Caped Crusader. Bob Kane, creator of Batman agreed and even once said that Val Kilmer was the best interpretation of Batman thus far. He died before he was able to see Christian Bale play the role, but those movies weren’t based off of his version of Batman anyway, so I doubt he would have had Bale as the best.

On the pod, I vacillate between whether or not I actually like this movie. Mike does not have any doubt. I am totally convinced that a good movie exists in there somewhere, but a truly terrible script would never allow that to happen. We also talk about; Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones not getting along whatsoever, Nicole Kidman’s unforgivably awful performance, and how they could have possibly had such bad CGI given the huge budget.

Recently we’ve recommitted to deciding on a final cast by the end of the show. If you would like to yell at us about our final decisions or for any other reason, because internet, find us on twitter (@recastingpod), facebook ( or email us at

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