Two Man Round Table Part 2: Sexual Harassment in Hollywood


Today is part 2 of the Two Man Roundtable, a series of discussions about topics within the movie industry that we wanted to explore at greater length than we would be able to on a normal show. In today’s episode we tackle the sexual harassment epidemic in Hollywood. We try to cover as much ground as possible, from its historical place in the underbelly of the industry to why there is hope for the future. We also discuss the most news-worthy reports and why all of these guys are not the same monster and why it’s important to draw that significance.

Sadly, this issue goes a lot farther than just Hollywood, and we want to extend our support for any and all victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. The #metoo moment is hopefully a wake up call for men in all industries to step up and be more responsible for our actions and making sure that women are treated respectfully at all times. That also means reporting those instances where you witness it happen as well. That may be the part that bothers me the most about these stories, because every one of them was referred to as an “open secret” (to the point where the documentary about it is called “An Open Secret). The only way that happens is when people refuse to speak up and stand up for what’s right for fear that it will negatively impact them personally.

We’d love to get some feedback on these new episodes, so reach out to us on Twitter (@recastingpod), Facebook ( or email us at Also leave a rating on iTunes if you can, so that it will make it easier for people to discover the show. The third installment will drop on Monday. Thanks for listening!

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