Two Man Round Table Part 1: Movies of 1985


This week’s episode is the first of four special episodes we’re running called The Two Man Roundtable (because as our company policy states, we have to name everything with some sort of reference to furniture) . We thought it would be fun to shake it up for the new year and give you a series of four discussions about movies that we didn’t feel we could really discuss in length during a normal episode. Over the course of the next two weeks, we’ll be dropping these episodes on Monday and Wednesday. We’ll be back to our normal format on January 15th. We’ve got a list of some huge movies coming up, so stay tuned. Today we talk about the movies of 1985.

Ah, yes. 1985. The magical year that brought us Live Aid, Teddy Ruxpin, and the plastic little table they put on pizzas to keep the cheese from touching the top of the box. It also brought us a metric ton of awesome movies. It was the first time we met Marty McFly, learned how to do the Truffle Shuffle, and Rocky single-handedly ended the Cold War. This was also the year that John Hughes was on absolute fire (although not St. Elmo’s Fire, apparently) and dropped Breakfast Club, European Vacation, and Weird Science. We also discuss some of the underrated gems that came out that year.

We picked this topic because we had already done a bunch of movies from that year (Clue, Teen Wolf, Fright Night), and we’ve got another one planned down the road. We’d love to get some feedback about the special series, so reach out to us on Twitter (@recastingpod), Facebook (, or email us ( If you liked it, then send us some topics you’d like us to discuss. We may be putting together some bonus content soon.

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