The Recasting Couch Ep. 27: Hudson Hawk

Hudson Hawk

Hudson Hawk is the 1991, musical, heist, action, comedy starring Bruce Willis, Danny Aiello, and Andie MacDowell. This remains Bruce Willis’ one and only writing credit and was a passion project for him. Unfortunately, it was universally panned and is by no means a good movie (Mike would disagree). However, it’s a fun movie that could have been good if there were any sort of tonal consistency. Wikipedia says that it’s based off of a “clockpunk” technology, which I refuse to believe is an actual thing. Even worse is taking “clockpunk” and mixing it with classic Italian-American standards, and it somehow makes less sense than it sounds.

There are some really good performances from the auxiliary characters. Richard E. Grant and Sandra Bernhard play the main antagonists and have real chemistry on the screen together. Apparently they have been close friends since meeting on the set of this film. These performances are somewhat squandered due to a fair amount of chaos behind the scenes that tends to reflect in the finished product.

There is a pretty good movie in there somewhere, and I think that for Mike and I the nostalgia factor carries this a lot further than it may deserve. Objectively, this movie stinks but at times it’s really endearing. In the right hands (hint, hint) this movie could have been a classic for all the right reasons instead of what it is now. We explore that and a lot more on this week’s episode.

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