The Recasting Couch Ep. 23: Clue


This week we have special guest Max Rappaport of Complex Sports and The Stepover Pod join us to recast the Parker Brothers classic, Clue. Max specifically requested this movie, although unfortunately, he couldn’t stay for the whole thing, check out the timestamps if you want to jump around.

Clue stars Tim Curry, Michael McKean, Christopher Lloyd, and Madeline Kahn, amongst many talented others. There are plenty of heavy hitters in this movie, but the real star is the dialogue. It reminds me very much of an Aaron Sorkin script. It’s super fast, and every line has a double meaning (or a double entendre). The dialogue also provides the perfect medium for some really great comedic performances. While the plot itself is largely inconsequential, it’s so well constructed that it allowed for several plausible endings to all coexist.

What really surprised me was how faithful the movie was to the game. All of the passageways all held true to the secret tunnels on the board. That was an unexpected treat I stumbled upon while taking notes on this movie. Then again, that doesn’t surprise me with how much attention to detail was paid while creating the script.

Quick disclaimer: On the pod I state that you can stream it on Hulu. That was the case when the pod was recorded, turns out it has since been removed. It sucks, I know. Just turn on Comedy Central and wait a while. It’ll play eventually.

(0:00 – 15:30) – Show Intro (with Max)

(15:30 – 1:03:22) – Plot Overview (Mike and Chris)

(1:03:22 – 1:43:07) – Recast (with Max)


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