The Recasting Couch Ep. 20: Memento



Memento, the psychological (chronological?) thriller from 2000 that was both a breakout for Christopher Nolan and Guy Pearce is the film we recast this week. If you went to college during the aughts, then you more than likely saw this movie. If you smoked pot in college during the aughts, then you DEFINITELY saw this movie. Joe Pantoliano and Carrie-Anne Moss also put in some great supporting work here, but the real strength of this movie is the writing. We do our best to try to keep the timeline straight, but there is a lot of overlapping in this plot.

Full disclosure: we recorded this a couple months ago as a “rainy day” episode, but we liked the content and didn’t want it to get too stale. We also recorded a sweet intro that got corrupted and is completely unusable, so I am one salty french fry right now. The good news is that this episode will explain some of the more obscure jokes in the recent episodes, so look out for those.

I want to give a huge thank you to all the people reaching out to us with suggestions for movies to recast. We’ve got some fun stuff already lined up for the next few weeks, but we are definitely going to be selecting a few suggestions from listeners, so if you have any that you’d like to hear, hit us up on twitter, @recastingpod and tell Mike just how absolutely horrible his assassin choice is. I’m not trying to spoil anything, but it’s the worst and he defends it with irrational confidence.

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