The Recasting Couch Ep. 17: Innerspace

IIInnnnnneeerrrrrrrrsssppaaaaacccccceeeee (space, space, space, space) is the 1987 inter-biological, action, comedy film* that we are recasting this week. Starring Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, and Meg Ryan, this scientifically questionable movie is a fun one. Although this movie may be a demonstration of the difference between something being fun and something being good. I enjoy everybody individually, but I just don’t feel like the chemistry is there.

Martin Short brings a hell of a performance as a shlubby, push-over, loser who gets an experiment with extremely profound implications injected directly into his ass. He does a master class in physical comedy.  In the process he  gains experience, wisdom, and confidence as a result (medically unsubstantiated). There are some good special effects that can demonstrate straightforward vs. standart pics. .

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Love you bunches, *kissy face*


*Not from wikipedia

Link to Amazon

Link to IMDB


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