Road Trip Chronicles Ep.2: Bull Durham

Bull Durham_Wide


This week is the second installment of The Road Trip Chronicles! On our way back from Boston, we recast Bull Durham; a movie that is basically a love letter to the game of baseball. Technically this movie stars Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins, but Susan Sarandon absolutely steals the show. It was released in 1988, but it really has a timeless feel. Both from the way that it’s written, to the way that it’s shot. If you told me it was made anywhere between 1970 and 1995, I would have absolutely believed you.

It’s the story of a guy who has lived his life on the edge of good, but not good enough; a young phenom learning the ins and outs of the game; and a woman who doesn’t know what she wants, but she sure as hell knows how to get it.

It’s easy to forget sometimes how far and wide the game of baseball reaches. Sure every town has a field, but between the majors and minors, there are just short of 300 teams that people come out to watch and support on a regular basis. It makes you wonder about all of the stories of teams on the road, the home opener that had to be delayed because of an equipment malfunction at the snack bar, or the championship that was held during a particularly early snowstorm.

Baseball is considered America’s Game for a reason, and this movie immediately places you in the middle a story that could take place anywhere in Smalltown, America. We had a lot of fun recasting this film, but if you disagree with our picks, go on twitter and yell at us @recastingpod and let us know. Or you can hit us up on Facebook, or email us at

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