The Recasting Couch Ep. 11: Enemy of the State


Enemy of the State


On this week’s episode, we recast Enemy of the State. What’s strange about this movie is that it was a complete hit by box office standards, but one that very few people remember a whole lot about. Whenever I told a friend about the next movie we were doing, all of them had a delayed reaction, followed by, “…oh, the one with Will Smith? I never saw it” Full disclosure: I saw it when it first came out, and I couldn’t even recall the plot of it.

However, this movie was very precient in predicting the direction of government surveillance. What’s funny is that they went overboard to demonstrate what an “out of control” government would look like, and at this point, it’s pretty much what we have learned that the government now does on a regular basis.

The cast in this movie is completely stacked. In addition to Smith, you’ve got Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Regina King, Barry Pepper, Lisa Bonet, Seth Green, Jack Black, Jason Lee, and a million other people you’d recognize. Somehow, even though I enjoyed watching it, this film is ultimately forgettable. There are a couple of good auxiliary performances, but nothing particularly great from the lead actors. There aren’t any truly memorable scenes (although an argument can be made for the Tarantino-style ending, but even that wasn’t terribly unique). There aren’t any lines that were featured in all the commercials that are quotable or recognizable. The movie just kind of came and went. Still made for a fun pod, though.

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