The Recasting Couch Ep. 10: Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is a 1985 American fantasy-comedy film* starring Michael J. Fox and nobody else’s name that you’d recognize. After all, the budget for this teen classic was a shade over a million dollars (1.2). Even though there may not be any other stars in this movie, it actually works in its favor. It adds to the small town feel of everything, which I think makes the fantasy aspect of this a little more…believable (for lack of a better term). If there was a kid who was in a New York City high school transforming into a wolf every night, it’s hard to believe that it wouldn’t be some sort of international story.

Another benefit of having a mostly no-name cast is that it allowed us to have about as an objective opportunity to recast as possible. There really aren’t a whole lot of direct substitutes like we’ve had for other roles in other movies. Plus, a lot of these characters are fairly unique, so we had a lot of fun trying to find interesting choices to round out the cast.

For a fun, little teen romp rated PG, there are some seriously inappropriate scenes and we break them down in all their problematic glory. The 80’s were a weird time, man. Although, from who I know that was that age in the 80’s, they weren’t having crazy, half-naked, tied-up, covered in whipped cream parties, which kinda made me a little disappointed to hear. Then again, there weren’t any whipped cream bikinis or pie fucking during my high school experience either.

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*From Wikipedia

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