The Recasting Couch Ep. 8: Mission Impossible


This week we switch it up a little. A couple months ago, we were recording a pod and on a whim we decided to watch a movie, then do an instant recast afterward. It’s a little shorter because we don’t do an introduction, we just sorta jump right into it.

Mission: Impossible ended up being a good pick for a quick recast because there aren’t a ton of characters, but everybody really delivers in their roles. There isn’t really anything to complain about the original cast in this movie when you have Tom Cruise, Jon Voight, Jean Reno, Ving Rhames, Emmanuelle Beart and an uncredited Emilio Estevez.  But we still had a lot of fun spinning some of the characters in different directions to change the flavor of the movie while still maintaining the overall aesthetic. It really speaks to how well constructed the movie is (although having Tom Cruise anchor the whole thing certainly helps).

For how critical we can be of the movies we cover, we nitpick a few things here and there, but every part of this movie was executed extremely well. We don’t mention the music in the pod, but it absolutely kills. The TV show theme was always great, but Danny Elfman takes it to a completely new level. This doesn’t come as any surprise, if you’ve ever heard me talk about him before.

We have some fun ideas for some future pods, and if you like how we switched it up this week, and would like to hear more, let us know. You can leave some comments below, or you can find us on twitter @RecastingPod, or on facebook: or email us at  (links are also on the right). Rate, review and subscribe on whatever platform you found us on. Thanks for listening!


Link to IMDB: Mission Impossible

Link to Amazon: Buy MI

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