The Recasting Couch Ep. 7: Contact


I think Contact was maybe the first alien movie I’ve ever seen where the aliens aren’t actually shown. In retrospect, that was probably a good call, because aliens in sci-fi movies don’t tend to age particularly well. The only ones that do are ones that are only shown in flashes and shadows. This was also the first movie that I remember where it represents first contact with aliens to be something more than just aliens hellbent on eradicating humans from the planet.

When people usually envision aliens, they see a benevolent species that unlocks the secrets of the universe for us measly humans. What I really liked about this movie is that they demonstrated that the aliens do not know everything and instead come across as beings still trying to figure out their place in the larger picture. They just have more pieces of the puzzle to work with

It’s things like this that I notice while I’m watching these movies for the pod that never noticed before. This project has really helped me better appreciate the complexities of these films (or not, in some cases) and creating these pods are sort of like the book reports that I never actually put effort into when I was a kid.

As far as the movie itself goes, you’ve got Jodie Foster At her peak and Matthew Mcconaughey in his breakout role. Unfortunately, the chemistry falls a little short. There is some absolutely gorgeous camera work that we go into way too much detail about, as well as some really solid auxilliary performances by Jena Malone, William Fichtner, and David Morse. While being released during the height of cheesy CGI effects, the art direction was really smart and underplayed (for the most part), and it still holds up pretty well.

Overall it was a fun watch and fun recast. If you agree, leave us a rating on iTunes, Google Play, wherever. If you don’t, yell at us in the comments or on twitter: @RecastingPod or on facebook:



Link to IMDB:Contact
Link to Amazon: Buy Contact

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