The Recasting Couch: Ep. 6 Beetlejuice



On this week’s pod, we recast the 1988 Tim Burton film Beetlejuice. This rated R comedy is somehow actually only rated PG, and stars Michael Keaton the year before his big role of Batman (also a Tim Burton flick). Keaton is actually in less than half of this movie, yet he’s the clear star and top billed. I can’t remember any movies off the top of my head where that is the case.

This score is most excellent, and written by Danny Elfman. I’m a total nerd for his work, so I like to mention it as much as I can. It really helps round out the fun, whimsical worlds that Burton creates (Elfman scores a large amount of Burton films). With how dark this movie’s subject matter gets, the music helps keep everything light.  I’m going to link it below, in case anyone is interested in checking it out. It’s great work/study music.

We went into the recasting phase of the pod knowing full well that this was not an instance where we would improve on the cast. Catherine O’Hara is particularly brilliant, and even some of the actors that we were not huge fans of put in very strong performances.

Alec Baldwin, unfortunately, is not one of them. This is the only time in his career where he actually looks like “middle management” to borrow a phrase from one of our earlier episodes. It seemed like he was a little out of his comfort zone the whole time. That’s not to say he was bad, he wasn’t, he was funny and pleasant the whole way through. He was more of a net neutral, but compared to some of the huge personalities in other roles, he stands out as one person who perhaps didn’t quite buy into the material as much as everyone else, and ended up more or less flat.

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Link to Score:

Link to IMDB: Beetlejuice

Link to Amazon: Buy Beetlejuice

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